Bi Modal Sacks & Liners

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Bi Model Refuse Sacks & Bin Liners

Grangewood Plastic Packaging takes pride in offering a very different kind of bags- Bi-modal Refuse Sacks and bin liners!


These sacks will solve all your tasks. Though the thickness of the bags is comparatively less yet the quality is superior. We have put these bags under series of inspections, and yes they are perfect for those who want the waste to get organised appropriately. The best thing about them is that plenty of bags are produced from tonnes worth of material. These bags come up with EXTREME strength and are one of our most flexible bin bags. They are perfect for reducing the stresses of the catering and hospitality industry.

Characteristics of Bi-modal Refuse Sacks & Bin Liners :

  • Reduced thickness with retained quality
  • Puncture resistant
  • Split resistant
  • Robust base
  • Fantastic Value
  • Strong, durable and very sturdy
  • Stretchable
  • Suitable for high volume usage
  • Perfect for commercial use in catering environments.

We have any authorities’ as well individual clients who are happy with this new product. So you need not worry about the quality. We happily meet the rigorous demands of your domestic as well as commercial use. We believe in delivering the quality products at its best prices.

bi-model Bi Modal Sacks & Liners
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